Zoom session: 1 hour


60 minutes zoom call with me where we can discuss the following topics: RealEstate investment (i have close to 5 million DKK in RealEstate), stock investment (1 million DKK portfolio myself), fitness, making money online (6+ years in the online game: ecommerce, graphics, webdevelopment etc.)



The price is for every beginning hour. You get 60 minutes zoom call with me where we can discuss the following topics:

  • RealEstate investment: Having close to 5 million DKK in property at this moment, i can advice you, as to how you buy a property and renovate it at the cheapest possible cost. I’ve bought several properties myself and renovated them completely. Its a huge project and requires planning in order to be succesful. I can go through a possible case you want to buy and discuss the cons and pros of the property, and give you a plan as to how you should renovate your property, and what your focus should be in order for you to optimize ROI and what pitfalls you should protect yourself from. These are all things i’ve learned over the years i have renovated myself. You can avoid these pitfalls and mistakes i have made, which had cost me alot of money i could have spent elsewhere. I can also help you determine whether or not the property is worth its money. My experience is based on the Danish RealEstate market, but most of the principles in question apply for all markets around the world.
  • Stock investment:¬†I can help you get started with stock investment and discuss basic principles of stock investment, to give you the knowledge necessary for you to not burn your fingers on the stove of bad investing. I have more than 1 million DKK invested in stocks at the time of writing this description (primo 2024) and in 2023 my ROI was up more than 20% as shown in the picture.
  • Fitness¬†I can advice you as to how you can build a better physique with key fundamental principles of bodybuilding. I underwent a body transformation from mid 2022 until now 2024 (1.5 years) without the use of steroids or any performance enhancing drugs. I’ve done it strictly natural.
  • Making Money Online: I’ve worked as a developer for 6 years with danish software companies (visit my linkedin for details). During my time as a developer i’ve acquired alot of skills as to how to build a product on the internet. I’ve worked as a frontend developer for a big and renowned danish software company Fiftytwo in their e-commerce department, and i can give you guidelines as to what converts visitors on a website and what UX elements have key importance when it comes to making money online.