What is Barudzija?

Barudzija is the surname of the author of this website. Barudzija originates from the arabic word بارود (bārūd), which translates to gunpowder. The purpose of this website is to provide you with free and paid content, with the purpose of directing you to the path of means, achievement and greatness. Becoming a man of means is becoming beloved to God. God loves a man of means (physically, financially, spiritually and mentally), because of the greater benefit which he holds, moreso than the man who is void of such.

Guns are useless without gunpowder, the same way men are useless without means. A gun is mere steel if it doesn’t have bullets, and men are mere mortals without resources. Being void of resources, whether tangible or intangible, renders a man weak and less of a man in the sight of God, as well as people.

Instructor Qualifications

Master of Science

Master's Programme in Science in Information Technology

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Professional Bachelor

Bachelor of Web Development

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Microsoft Developer

Power Platform Developer Associate

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  • Master of Science in IT and Webcommunication
  • Professional Bachelor in Webdevelopment and Multimedia
  • Certified Developer by Microsoft
  • Making money online for 10+ years
  • Owns property and assets worth a few mill.


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