How to fix a house with huge profit


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An efficient and effective house-fix requires knowledge and experience. The more knowledge and experience, the less is the likelihood of big problems and setbacks. I have been renovating properties for almost 10 years. Buying this product will help you flip or renovate your own house/property. Alot of money can be wasted in the process of buying and fixing a house. I have made alot of mistakes, wasted alot of money and time, and i have learnt my lessons the hard way. I want to share these lessons with you condensed into this simple booklet of less than 50 pages. It will save you alot of money and alot of time. This booklet is based on different books around house-flipping (referenced and documented in the booklet). You get:

✅ Specific guidelines as to how you can negotiate the price of the property effectively and get a price-reduction which is above average
✅ How should you prioritize the project to make it efficient.
✅ Where can you buy construction materials and hardware to save thousands of dollars (documented with receipts).
✅ My mistakes explained and how you can avoid them in order for you to save time and money
✅ Alot more